Look who's been in to see us.....

Bluebonnets at Cedar Hill State Park

Cedar Hill State Park has the BEST BLUEBONNETS in my opinion! Maybe i say that because i LOVE Cedar Hill State Park....Or maybe they just ARE! :) They have a big open field with them that has gorgeous backlighting. Its at least A FAVORITE of mine for sure! Cedar Hill State park is another huge place that i haven't even see everything at yet. My favorite area is Penn Farm for this open field and great old barns! Its perfect for family sessions, seniors and so much more! I Love it because it gives my clients lots of variety.

575A5307575A5307bluebell ice-cream in the bluebonnets, does it getting any more texan?? 575A5317575A5317LOVED this shoot! The ice cream was moms idea! LOVE IT! 575A5321575A5321PURE Sweetness! 575A5352575A5352Oh the sass! LOVE it! 575A5379575A5379His faces were cracking me up! 575A5377575A5377Such a cutie! 575A5406575A5406I am a sucker for hats! Love every bit of everything in them! 575A5524575A5524Those bluebonnets bring out her blue eyes! 575A5497575A5497So sweet! 575A5527575A5527bluebonnets for days... 575A5922575A5922Boys 575A6046575A6046LOVE this sun peeking in. 575A6264575A6264The fields make for great color in a close up! 575A5932575A5932Blue is a great color to wear for bluebonnet portraits!


Bluebonnets! A Texas Tradition! - Arlington TX Photography

Bluebonnets are a Texas tradition. Every year it's so exciting to watch our lands run wild with color! Its certainly like heaven on earth for photographers. We scout out a great spot and families come from all over to have their picture made. I offer family and children sessions around March/April for these. They have a very short window that they stick around, so they are for sure limited edition! Sometimes, when we are lucky, we will find Indian Paint Brushes too! Those are the ones with the reddish tops. SO GORGEOUS! We would love to capture your family in the bluebonnets this year! Watch our Facebook for announcements around February for these! 

575A3655-Edit575A3655-EditBluebonnets with our dogs! <3 575A3784575A3784LOVE all that blue! Bluebonnets are my favorite! 575A3851575A3851Just stunning! Love this so much! 575A5059575A5059Babies plus bluebonnets and a sweet outfit! LOVE IT! 575A5172575A5172Indian Paint Brushes!!! 575A4472575A4472Just a field of Indian Paint Brushes 575A4504575A4504These two are just the cutest! My red chair is a favorite for spring portraits. 575A4515575A4515GORGEOUS light!! Love this! 575A4703575A4703Floral crowns. LOVE them! 575A4716575A4716I'm a sucker for an awesome hat!


Live Bunny Sessions at Modern Studios Photography - Arlington TX Photography

BUNNIES!!! I look forward to these sessions every year! A local farm that we partner with brings their precious bunnies for kids to snuggle and have their portrait made with. I swear they have the SOFTEST bunnies EVER! In 2018 we are revamping our bunny sessions to include Dollcake Pastel colored dresses and couture bunny ears! Its going to be AMAZING! We are so excited! Be on the look out around February for the sign-ups. We announce everything on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/modernstudiosphotography so go like us, so you don't miss out!

575A4174575A4174Whats the bunny doing? 575A4186575A4186Carrots anyone? 575A4194575A4194Overjoyed 575A4055575A4055SO SOFT!!! 575A3894575A3894Even princesses want to hold the bunny! 575A3911575A3911And of coarse bunnies need kisses 575A3972575A3972Bunny and the red chair. <3 575A4279575A4279Babies love bunnies too!

A Day At The Fort Worth Duck Pond! - Fort Worth TX Family Photography

The Fort Worth Duck Pond is an absolute favorite spot of mine! It has great huge trees with lots of shade, open spaces and a pond! The Duck Pond is apart of Trinity Park and is actually gigantic and i still, 10 years into photography, have not explored it all! These families were so much fun! From Broken legs to new babies, We had it all! <3 <3 <3

575A7408575A7408Sweet moments at the Fort Worth Duck Pond 575A7451575A7451LOVE this spot! The bricks and grass make for a great textured look! 575A7507575A7507The lightening here is stunning too! <3 575A7521-2575A7521-2Even in Black and white that light is GORGEOUS! 575A7528-2575A7528-2LOVED dad's expression. ADORABLE shot of the two of them! 575A7578575A7578This little Dog baby is getting a sister to play with! 575A7595-2575A7595-2Loved their connection with their pup! Was great to include her in their maternity session. 575A7621-2575A7621-2baby 575A7675-2575A7675-2This shot is EVERYTHING! Love the wind picking up the girls hair and the dramatic lighting! STUNNING! 575A7687575A7687Can't wait to meeting baby F!

Santa's Daughters getting married! -Family Shoot at Mansfield Town Park

Our Santa's daughter is getting married!!

This sweet man and his wife have been so good to Modern Studios Photography. Some of you might recognize them as Santa and Mrs. Claus! They helped me execute over 100 sessions last year and it was so much fun! This year Santa has a new suit and is coming to see children at the park again, but also at the "tree farm" and in the back of a vintage red truck! Its going to AMAZING! Santa is also making "nice list" certificates for each child that comes to tell him what they want for Christmas! November is when we book for Santa and so we are almost SOLD OUT! You can get yours by selecting the "Book Now" button on our Facebook or website. He's not going to be with us the first first Sunday in November this year because his daughter is getting married! We want to wish them a very happy wedding! I'm looking forward to hearing all about in when we see him on November 12th 2017!

575A5213-2575A5213-2Santa and Mrs. Claus 575A5203-2575A5203-2Santa's Daughter is getting married! 575A5273575A5273She's their ONLY daughter