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It's All About The Unicorns! -Unicorn Sessions in Dalworthington Gardens

Always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn. Then, always be a unicorn. -Jaime Murray

Unicorn Sessions were a hit! We had so much fun with Stardust! She lives at www.downonthefarmtx.com/ and she just LOVES to have her picture taken! All the girls were so excited to meet a REAL Unicorn! It was so fun making dreams come true! I LOVE my job! <3

575A2792To Touch A UnicornLOVED this sweet girls boho style! Such a sweet photo. 575A2872Every Little Girl Should Meet a UnicornLOVED her style too! Every one of these girls came dressed so cute, but PINK is my JAM. <3 575A2950In the Forest You May Find a UnicornThis shot is a favorite of mine because it really looks like they are in a forest meeting for the first time. so sweet! 575A3083Super Sweet Crown!LOVED this photo, but REALLY LOVED this crown! The PERFECT accessory for unicorns. :) 575A3229Because Its Necessary When Meeting a Unicorn to Give it a Hug!LOVE this! All of my sweet girls got to give a hug and kiss to sweet stardust. Talk about a heart melting photo. Love it! 575A3263Kisses for StardustSweet Stardust just loved ALL the girls! This photo is so picturesque. Love it! 575A3318Even Stardust Gave a Few HugsIts so sweet how much these girls loved meeting Stardust. Pure loveliness. 575A3429Floral Crowns are the BEST accessory!LOVED this whole outfit! From crown to dress, she rocked it!! 575A3493Even Brother Got to PlayI've been asked a few times if brother can join in and my answer is always YES! These pictures are the sweetest of these two! 575A3502Just Enjoying the ParkI am so drawn to this image! I know its their backs, but i LOVE it!


Senior Session Before a Storm at Cedar Hill State Park

Don't wait for the storms of your life to pass. Learn to dance in the rain. 

-Steve Rizzo

As a photographer we also wear the hat of weather man. This day I was watching the weather before our session. I basically have to guess, with the help of real weathermen of coarse, what the weather might do during a time when i have clients scheduled. Let me tell you, A LOT goes into this. Its NEVER easy in Texas to predict the weather! We decide to go for it and we got lucky! Not only did we miss the storm but we got to capture the sky as the clouds rolled in. What a great way to end a Senior Session!

Senior Session With My Cows?!?! -Mansfield TX

“#1487: Hug a cow.” 
― H. Jackson Brown Jr.The Complete Life's Little Instruction Book

When asked to photograph a senior at the barn where he keeps his FFA cows, you answer YES!! I love it when my seniors use a special location. It really helps to set the tone of the shoot helping it to be fun and familiar to the senior. J's family is a LONG TIME client of mine. I couldn't believe it was time for Senior Portraits. I am so glad that mom asked me to do this! We had a blast! I've never seen such a BIG HEART for animals! You will do great things J!

Update: Ms. RED aged out of her home and J moved her to a new farm that is being effected by Hurricaine Harvey. We are thinking about you guys as you weather the effects of floods.

Tween Session with My Girl- Arlington TX

“If you are always trying to be normal, you’ll never know how amazing you can be.” – Maya Angelou

It's not often that I actually get my own kids in front of the camera! This is my 11 Year old Daughter. Lauren has had a very hard year so capturing a smile in the middle of her tornado was so special to me.

Here is her story:

In October of 2016 Lauren began having stabbing head pain. It came out of nowhere and was so strong that it sent her to the ER multiple times for multiple days. The Drs could not figure out what was causing this telling us everything from Autism to migraines. We saw too many specialists to count on one hand until we finally found a Chiari Specialist in NY. Dr. Greenfield. He has been the only one to identify why we think she's having this happen to her. She has Chiari Malformation. It basically means her brain is slipping into her spinal column and putting pressure on her brain stem. Her herniation is only 3.5mm (which in not traditionally when they would call this Chiari which is why we've had so much trouble finding a doctor who could help her). There are experts in the field that are working hard to get the measurement classifications changed. They believe its symptoms, not a measurement that should indicate the need for intervention. These stabbing head pains were lasting 10-15min 20+ times a day until they were just all day/every day. Because of this she missed nearly 3/4 of her 5th grade school year. After her second Spinal Tap in December, they were able to discover that she had high pressure and diagnosed her with Psuedotumor (basically her body is acting like it has a brain tumor but they cannot find the source). After removing some fluid and starting a diaretic, she was headache fee for almost 6 weeks! She went back to school and started to plan her birthday. Then, her stabbing head pain returned. In May, she had Optic Nerve Sheath Decompression surgery (Basically they cut slits behind her eyes to drain the fluid). Just like a spinal tap, that procedure is a temporary fix. They did it because laurens vision was declining rapidly. Her vision now is 20/100 with prescription glasses so they know that there is something else going on and they are working very hard to figure that out before her stabbing head pain returns (still no headaches at this point).  One of the things still on the table is that the Chiari Malformation is causing all of this (Dizziness, Nausea, Vomiting, Headaches, Numbness, Trouble sleeping etc...). Due to her having Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Hypermobility type (Basically her body doesn't make collagen like the rest of us and her joints come out of place easily), there are some complications in how to best help Lauren next. The EDS is causing instability at her C2. So, our care team has decided Lauren needs to wear a cervical collar for 6 weeks to simulate the decompression and fusion surgery. If her body responds well to it (Improved sleep, less body numbness, less pain in her neck, etc...) then it would indicate that she would be a candidate for surgery despite her herniation being only 3.5mm.

This poor girl has been through so much and as a mom it breaks my heart. It absolutely sucks that she has to wear a collar to school, let alone at the beginning of her middle school career where she knows absolutely nobody. We have pushed it off 2 weeks to allow her time to make a few friends but it's C-DAY. This Thursday my girl will start this trial. She is being so brave and says she is ready! After lots of research, we are too! 

I share this story because there are others out there going through the same thing. Hunting for answers as to why they themselves or their babies are in pain. Lauren's case is very complicated (something we keep hearing over and over), but we have hope. We have found experts in the field and travel across the country to see them. I have joined support groups and research like crazy. We have even made a friend who will also be starting this trial soon. Awareness is key. Unfortunately there aren't a lot of doctors in Texas that we were able to connect with that are as up to date and comfortable with this diagnosis and her co-conditons. Many told us some pretty hard to hear things simply because they weren't educated on the most recent research in this field. So, to all you mama's out there doubting yourself, I want to remind you to trust and believe in your gut feelings and don't ever let a doctor undervalue your opinion. I urge you to keep pushing for answers and seek as many second opinions as it takes to find the answer. And when you feel like you want to give up, dig deeper and push harder. Find your inner mama bear and fight! <---words a wise mom told me at my lowest point through all of this. 

Thank you for hearing my daughters story.

Mommy and Me in Dalworthington Gardens

“Words are not enough to express the unconditional love that exists between a mother and a daughter.”

These Mommy and Me Mini Sessions are super sweet. They are the perfect way to capture that unconditional love between a child and their mom. We usually work in both posed and unposed shots. The unposed ones are always MY favorite! These can be with one child or all of your children to do together. You don't have to wait for these to be scheduled as minis either, you can always integrate a little one on one time during regular sessions too. Here's a few favorites from the Last mini at the Dalworthington Gardens Park.

575A1369Mommy's mini meLove the serenity in this shot. We all know having a toddler can be crazy, but these two seem so in sync. Love this! 575A1335A Childs LaughterSweet moment between these two during a little tickling game. 575A1353Like Mother, Like DaughterThese two were like a power couple! <3 this! 575A1444Silly MommyMoments of silliness captured. <3 575A1456A Mamas KissSweet kisses fro mama. 575A1485-2A Shared SmileSuch a sweet moment. Sweet boy was really interested in the ducks, so she talked to him about them. She showed interest in his interests and boy does his smile say it all. 575A1558-2HuggsA Sweet hug from little arms won't be around forever. 575A1559I Am Yours and You Are Mine.Every mom should get to experience having a boy. As the mom of both a boy and a girl, i can tell you this bond is unique.