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PLEASE DO NOT SHARE UN-EDITED PROOFING IMAGES. Once your gallery is set with your edits completed there is a "share" button located at the top of your gallery. Feel free to use that to share on social media. PLEASE DO NOT SCREEN SHOT IMAGES. They are copyrighted and you do not have rights to share them individually without using that "share" button until you have made your purchases and have been given permission to download them using the "download" button.

Please remember these images are copyrighted and you only have rights to PRINT them. They can not be altered in ANY way. If you choose to use them for submissions to online and print publications credit must be given to Modern Studios Photography.

My lab is a professional lab so you are guarenteed to get prints that are breathtaking and beautiful and will last a lifetime. I do not guarantee coloring as i imagined when you print from any other lab. Images can be too blue, too red, too green etc...when they are printed elsewhere. keep that in mind when you are viewing images on your monitor as well. My colors are calibrated to MY MONITOR only, which is calibrated with my printers. Viewing on any computer but mine may cause images to look different in color.

Thanks SO MUCH for letting me be apart of this memory with you!

**Your gallery will only stay live in my system for 14 days after you have received access to your edited images. There is a $25 fee to re-load expired galleries. After 30 days i do not guarantee that Modern Studios Photography will still have your images. We purge them, in some cases, to make room for new clients.