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The Holiday Portrait Experience
At Modern Studios Photography is offered for:

-Children Age 6 months +***


-Families (up to only 5 in studio)

Our MAGICAL Holiday Portraits with REAL Reindeer, Unicorns, Alpacas & Santa, are hosted for our clients every November/December in the Arlington TX & Mansfield TX areas.

These Specialty Holiday Sessions are only offered on specific dates/times throughout the season and are the PERFECT Holiday Tradition.

Did you know that we have a Clients Closet with over 150 couture gowns and crowns up to teen size 14? We are sure to have the PERFECT dress for your portrait occasion.

***We do not offer Portraits for Babies until they are sitting up unsupported unless they are being held by a family member. If your Children are 3 or under, we recommend that an adult come dressed/ready incase they are needed to jump in. At that age, it is our experience that children prefer to be with a family member for the best results, it's important somebody is dressed and ready to be photographed WITH them when necessary.

See our full Holiday Schedule HERE.

Availability & Booking | Couture Clients Closet
girl with reindeer in couture gowngirl in red little dreamers gown with unicornboy with santa on a truck talking through cansGirl kissing santa on the cheekgirl dancing with santa in front of vintage red truckgirl laying on unicorn in holiday colorsgirl holding teddy bear with cute headbandtwo girls being surprised with santa in the vintage red trucktwo kids gazing at a reindeergirl in holiday studio portraitsboy looking at reindeer magicgirl hugging a unicorn holiday themegirl holing a red bird in studio holiday scenegirl looking at reindeer sitting on the sledgirl in reindeer horns and dollcake gown in studio camper setgirl sitting in floral holiday ringgirl dancing with santa in couture gowngirl talking to santa in a can on a vintage red truckgirl feeding reindeergirl in studio pink and purple holiday set