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At Modern Studios Photography we special in Childrens Portraits. We do offer sessions for Seniors, Teens/Tweens, Families and Headshots too. We have several portfolios for each type of photography we offer. Use the bar above to select one for browsing under the tab "portfolio". Our blog below, is a great way to see a collection of a particular themes images.

If you would like to see a list of all our pre-planned themed session for this year and all their details, click HERE.

We do offer custom sessions and non themed sessions (Seniors, Families, Headshots) too! Simply E-mail us and we will get you our availability for those particular sessions as we really like to customize those for your particular needs. 

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Unicorn Birthday Party! -Arlington TX

If you have a child who absolutely loves unicorns, then a unicorn birthday party is a perfect theme for them! Unicorns are beautiful and majestic, every little girl dreams of having one. We love unicorns at Modern Studios Photography! We've been offering Unicorn Portraits for years and it's by far our most requested portrait session. There are so...
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Back to School Mini Session- Arlington and Fort Worth TX!

School is just around the corner and now is the perfect time to get BACK TO SCHOOL PORTRAITS! Bring your child to a back to school portrait session that they will love! They will be all smiles here in our outdoor environment! These portraits are more professional and delightful than the pictures the kids receive every year through their school. Ri...
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Christmas in July Sale! Mansfield and Fort Worth TX!

Does your child LOVE Santa? Do YOU love the holidays and all the magic surrounding them? At Modern Studios Photography we want to make sure you have the BEST holiday portrait experience! The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year! There is so much joy and merriness in everyone's heart! We would love to celebrate with you. Make this year...
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Children's Tea Party Experience- Arlington TX

When you were little did you love the idea of having tea parties? I know I did! My grandma and I used to go to our favorite "tea garden" to drink some iced tea and eat some creamy cheesecake! If you have a little one, a tea party is a great way to have fun in your house! While most people think tea parties are just for girls, it is simply not tru...
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Summer Lovin' Vintage Truck Mini Session- Mansfield and Arlington TX!

Are you tired of the Texas HEAT and looking for a way to COOL down? The Summer Lovin' Vintage Truck Mini Session is perfect for you! Come relax with us and enjoy fresh watermelon for a summer session that is certain to beat the heat! This mini session is perfect for the children or immediate family and it is a great time to get Summer portraits! W...
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Mermaid Portrait Experience- Arlington TX!

Do you have a child who LOVES the little mermaid and playing dress-up? This MERMAID Portrait Experience is perfect for the little girl who has always dreamed of being a mermaid! Make her wishes come true by having these keepsake portraits made! Here at Modern Studios Photography, we are all about preserving childhood and making wonderful memories...
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Fishing Portraits at Modern Studios Photography- Arlington TX!

Do you have a little one who loves to fish? This is a great oppor-TUNA-ty to tap into the inner FISHERMAN and get some amazing portraits for Fathers Day gifts! For an outdoor lover, this is a fun and unique session, UNLIKE anything you will ever experience in studio! Our FISHING session is outdoors, completely immersed in Nature AND you can even...
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Childrens Portraits in Arlington TX-Unicorns, Princesses, Fairies and MORE!

At Modern Studios Photography, We are all about preserving childhood. We know just what you're feeling right now, watching your children grow up, and we want to help you savor the moment in a beautiful and whimsical childhood portrait hat you'll surely cherish long after they've grown up. We offer many Themed Portrait sessions in addition to cust...
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SLOTH Animal Portrait Experience is BACK! -Arlington TX

The SLOTH Animal Portrait Experiences are a FAVORITE of mine! Our Clients get an opportunity to visit with a SLOTH up close, feed and pet! For a REAL SLOTH LOVER, this is the BEST animal experience ever! Our SLOTH Animal Portrait experience is in our home studio and after, you will get to view all of your portraits during a one one one with a memb...
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Reindeer Portrait Experience- Arlington & Mansfield TX

Reindeer Portrait Experience Reindeer Portraits are a truly MAGICAL holiday portrait experience at Modern Studios Photography. Get up close to these beautiful animals during your private session with us. You'll get to feed, pet, read and pose with these magnificent creatures to capture portraits we just know you will cherish. This is not just a p...
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