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She sat upon the rock, the wind playing with her hair. No longer a girl, but a mermaid. The sunlight dancing on her shimmery purple tail. Click. The colors of the day popping all around her, making sure they too are within the frame. Click. Her mother off to the side, looking on, wishing time would stand still. Hoping this moment will never be forgotten. So I click, and click, and capture the essence of the girl. Not just a picture, but a memory.


Barefoot in jeans with a Superman shirt. His summer sun highlights making his blue eyes shine. Click. Standing proudly, believing anything is possible. He pretends to fly, but to him it is not pretend because at six years old, anything is possible. Click. In this moment, he can be anything he wants to be. The only limits are his imagination. So I click, and click, and capture not just a picture, but the magic.


To me a photo session is so much more than the photo captured. Its about being present in the memory. Enjoying the laughter, smiles, wind blows and silly outtakes while I worry about the capture. For you, Its just a moment in time and thats what we like for every session to be. A moment captured forever. 


Fairy's in the Forest - Mansfield Town Park - Mansfield TX and - Veterans Park - Arlington TX

Fairy Sessions are what little girls dreams are made of. Every detail is thoughtfully placed to transform your princess into a Fairy during our Sparkly Black Tie Fairy sessions. We combine Hair/Make up, a Designer Gown, Crown, Gorgeous wings and fun props to document the innocence of childhood. Our Staff will help in every way with fixing hair,...
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Unicorn Tea Party - Arlington TX - Dalworthington Gardens TX

Have you ever wanted to have a Tea Party with a Unicorn? These special sessions are so Magical and what every little girls dreams of. Stardust the Unicorn makes for the perfect tea sipping guest in the ultimate fantasy tea party for little girls. Mom, Dad or Siblings are welcome to participate together. We will include a Designer gown for girls...
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Valentines day Kissing Booth Sessions- Arlington TX

Valentines Day The sun is FINALLY peaking out for these sweet sessions at the park in Arlington TX. We have GORGEOUS Designer red dresses for girls size 2/3-10 that are available for use with this session. These images will make the perfect CUSTOM KEEPSAKE Valentine cards for passing out to family & friends. Let us capture something sweet for y...
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Couture Spring Live Bunny Portraits

Modern Studios Photography is so Lucky to have the BEST farm partner around! In the Spring she brings up Bunnies and let me tell you its a super special day! The kids LOVE it! This year we are offering two different types of sessions with Live bunnies. The one I want to blog about today is our Couture Bunny Sessions. I am obsessed with these images...
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Summer Family Sessions...ahhhhh THE LIGHT!!! -Mansfield TX

There is NOTHING like Summer light! Its one of my favorite times of the year for photography. About MAY/JUNE & AUGUST/ SEPTEMBER that light is ON FIRE! At Modern Studios Photography we offer Golden Light Field Sessions about 5pm and the photos are just GORGEOUS! I am kinda partial to this spot off 287 in Mansfield where the light sits just right. I...
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Unicorn Sessions with Modern Studios Photography

2017 was the year of the Unicorn! We had a blast making so many little girls dreams come true! In 2018 we are planning a Unicorn TEA PARTY!!! The Tea Party will feature a mini photo shoot with Stardust to include 5 images fully edited with print release. We will provide wardrobe and accessories too (sizes 2/3-11 available)! After all, we want you...
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Bluebonnets at Cedar Hill State Park

Cedar Hill State Park has the BEST BLUEBONNETS in my opinion! Maybe i say that because i LOVE Cedar Hill State Park....Or maybe they just ARE!:) They have a big open field with them that has gorgeous backlighting. Its at least A FAVORITE of mine for sure! Cedar Hill State park is another huge place that i haven't even see everything at yet. My favo...
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Bluebonnets and Wildflowers! A Texas Tradition! - Arlington TX Photography

Bluebonnets & Wildflowers are a Texas tradition. Every year it's so exciting to watch our lands run wild with color! Its certainly like heaven on earth for photographers. We scout out a great spot and families come from all over to have their picture made. I offer family and children sessions around March/April for these. They have a very short win...
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Live Bunny Sessions at Modern Studios Photography - Arlington TX Photography

BUNNIES!!! I look forward to these sessions every year! A local farm that we partner with brings their precious bunnies for kids to snuggle and have their portrait made with. I swear they have the SOFTEST bunnies EVER! In 2018 we are revamping our bunny sessions to include Dollcake Pastel colored dresses and couture bunny ears! Its going to be AMAZ...
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A Day At The Fort Worth Duck Pond! - Fort Worth TX Family Photography

The Fort Worth Duck Pond is an absolute favorite spot of mine! It has great huge trees with lots of shade, open spaces and a pond! The Duck Pond is apart of Trinity Park and is actually gigantic and i still, 10 years into photography, have not explored it all! These families were so much fun! From Broken legs to new babies, We had it all! <3 <3 <3...
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