Modern Studios Photography | Bluebonnets at Cedar Hill State Park

Bluebonnets at Cedar Hill State Park

October 18, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Cedar Hill State Park has the BEST BLUEBONNETS in my opinion! Maybe i say that because i LOVE Cedar Hill State Park....Or maybe they just ARE! :) They have a big open field with them that has gorgeous backlighting. Its at least A FAVORITE of mine for sure! Cedar Hill State park is another huge place that i haven't even see everything at yet. My favorite area is Penn Farm for this open field and great old barns! Its perfect for family sessions, seniors and so much more! I Love it because it gives my clients lots of variety.

575A5307575A5307bluebell ice-cream in the bluebonnets, does it getting any more texan?? 575A5317575A5317LOVED this shoot! The ice cream was moms idea! LOVE IT! 575A5321575A5321PURE Sweetness! 575A5352575A5352Oh the sass! LOVE it! 575A5379575A5379His faces were cracking me up! 575A5377575A5377Such a cutie! 575A5406575A5406I am a sucker for hats! Love every bit of everything in them! 575A5497575A5497So sweet! 575A5527575A5527bluebonnets for days... 575A6046575A6046LOVE this sun peeking in.