Modern Studios Photography | Fairy's in the Forest - Mansfield Town Park - Mansfield TX and - Veterans Park - Arlington TX

Fairy's in the Forest - Mansfield Town Park - Mansfield TX and - Veterans Park - Arlington TX

March 14, 2018  •  1 Comment

Fairy Sessions are what little girls dreams are made of.

Every detail is thoughtfully placed to transform your princess into a Fairy during our Sparkly Black Tie Fairy sessions.

We combine Hair/Make up, a Designer Gown, Crown, Gorgeous wings and fun props to document the innocence of childhood.

Our Staff will help in every way with fixing hair, dresses and other details as we shoot, ensuring every detail is masterfully planned. 

They are only young once.

Imagine treasuring a 20x30 Archival Quality Metal Print or Canvas in your home that reminds you of just this time forever. You'll pass by it in the hall or maybe over her bed, but every time you see it you will remember this moment....

Let us preserve it for you.


Fairy Sessions are available in the Fall, Spring & Early Winter only. 

460A3511Fairy Floral SwingFairy Sessions can be a real dream when we include a Floral Swing.

460A4442A Fairy's KissFairy sessions with our Baby Mini Horse are absolutely breathtaking.

460A8457Fairy's in the parkTransform your little girl into a fairy with MSP. We have couture dresses for girls size 2/3-10/11, fairy wings and crowns! 460A8392Fairy's smaller than flowersWe love this sweet prop that makes being a fairy more real than ever. #largeflowers 460A8298Fairy thoughtsA Fairy lost in her thoughts. Love this sweet shot. <3 460A8025-2Forest FairySometimes you just want to runaway to the forest. 460A7849Fairy's in purple Anna Triant couturePurple looks amazing on Fairy's and this Anna Triant dress does not disappoint. #layersfordays #floral

460A3684Fairy TeenEven our 13+ girls enjoy our Fairy Sessions. How fun would it be to capture them as a fairy when they are little and then again just as the imagination starts to fade...

460A8358Purple FairyWhat a perfect shot for the Fairy that loves purple! From the Rag Couture Bowtique headpiece to the Anna Triant Couture dress. She looks amazing! 460A7967-2Fairy QueenFrom the smile to the crown, this Fairy Queen looks amazing!

460A3840Life is Made to TwirlThis Anna Triant Couture Stars dress has tulle for days and is a perfect dress to take for a spin.

460A8154Baby fairyOur Wings and dresses will fit size 2/3-14!

460A7721A Dream is a Wish Your Heart MakesSuch an angelic shot of this sweet girl. <3

460A8195Far Away Somewhere...<3

460A3911BlueThis sweet Blue Fairy Queen looks amazing on the Floral Swing.